Monday, January 24, 2011

Maybe There's a Reason They Only Hire Female Keyboardists...

Deathcore/metalcore bands seem to have the same hiring practices that lecherous old men have for hiring secretaries.

NEW RULE: If you're the only person on stage in a dress, you're not a vocalist, and you're replacing another female musician who looks SURPRISINGLY LIKE YOU, you may have been hired by a band full of sexist pricks.

A certain band that shall rename nameless (although I will mention that there are diseases and blustery weather involved, let's call them "Breezes of Diseases" for fun...) has recently had a spate of problems with female keyboardists. Namely, naked pictures of them keep finding their way onto the internet. Once, maybe chalk it up to a bitter boyfriend or a single creeper. But twice is starting to form a pattern.

Maybe there's a reason why a band would ONLY TRY OUT FEMALE KEYBOARDISTS. These sexist and degrading little PR stunts seem to be a common occurrence, especially in a fanbase as predominantly misogynist as deathcore (not to deny the misogyny in other genres, but few seem to have the proclivity to hire so many female keyboardists.)

So if you're a woman who plays some keys, maybe look for a better gig, or maybe find a band without such a downright misogynist attitude. Or maybe this responsibility needs to go somewhere else...

I'm looking at the men out there. If you've ever complained about the lack of female fans of heavy music fans at shows and in general, maybe it's time to take a look at something like this and see what's going on here.

Don’t even get me started on women and their stereotypes in metal - especially female keyboardists as filling some sort of perceived normative gender role (more on that at some other point.)

Think about it. Gain some respect for women. Grow as a person.

Time to grow up boys.

Oh, here's the metalsucks article for those interested:

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  1. Yes. Although "normative gender role" might be throwing people for a loop.